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Over 100 Different Currencies at Our Currency Conversion Kiosk in Mississauga

Whether you are taking a business trip to the United States, going on a cruise in the Caribbean, or visiting family in India, you want to make sure that you bring enough money with you to make your trip one to remember for years to come. At The Currency Exchange, we provide currency conversion in Mississauga at rates that won’t break the bank. We have over 100 currencies in stock, including USD, Ghana Cedi, Mexican Pesos, Polish Zloty, Serbian Dinars and many more.

Same-Day Exchanges of Common and Hard to Find Currencies

Whatever currency you need, we ensure that we have it in stock. At The Currency Exchange, there’s no need to wait days for your desired currency to come in. We have over 100 currencies in-house at all times, including:


US Dollars


Afghanistan Afghanis

Argentinian Pesos

Bangladesh Taka

Bosnian Marks

Cuban Pesos

Czech Koruna

Ethiopian Birr

Ghana Cedi

Indonesian Rupiah

Iraqi Dinars

Mexican Pesos

Myanmar Kyat

Nepalese Rupees

Nigerian Naira

Pakistani Rupees

Polish Zloty

Serbian Dinars

Trinidad & Tobago Dollars

UAE Dirhams

Vietnamese Dong

And more

We Buy Currency That Is No Longer in Circulation

Do you have outdated banknotes or old coins that you would like to exchange for CAD? We buy a variety of currencies that are no longer in use, such as:

German Marks

Irish Punts

Austrian Schillings

Belgian Francs

El Salvadorian Colons

Panama Balboas

Old British Pounds

Old Chinese FECs

And more

Please note: We guarantee the authenticity of all the banknotes and coins we sell, as well as the validity of the banknotes and coins in the country of origin at the time of the transaction. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they comply with currency import and export regulations when they travel. We cannot be responsible for currency import infringements, nor devaluations, demonetizations, or any other loss arising outside of our control.

Be Safe: Exchange Your Money Before You Travel

As soon as your plane touches down in a foreign country, chances are you’ll need some local currency on hand for transportation, accommodation, and food. Save yourself the hassle of having to search for a currency exchange kiosk in an unfamiliar country by visiting us today. We calculate exchanges based on the current exchange rates and offer low conversion charges. 

Wholesale Redemption Services

For banks, local currency exchanges, foreign banks and currency exchanges, we supply exotic currencies as well as buy any excess inventory or soiled and outmoded notes.

Give us a call to find out our current exchange rates or to learn more about our services.

You Work Hard for Your Money

We never charge you commission for buying currency.

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