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We are also active buyers and sellers of all kinds of Gold, Silver, and Platinum coins including Sovereigns, Maples, Eagles, Britannias, Pandas, Krugerrands, Kookaburras, Philharmonics, and more.

We also buy Gold, Platinum & Silver jewelry, Silverware, nuggets as well as brand name watches.

Rates are subject to change.
Please call us for the latest rates.

LAST UPDATED 24 November 2023
We Buy
We Sell
1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Coin (Mint)
1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Coin (Used) (Out of Stock)
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Coin
1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf Coin

Silver Maple (Mint) Pricing and Volume Discounts

Save on your order when you purchase in larger quantities.

Please note that these prices change daily, call us to confirm pricing
Quantities of 1 - 24: $38.75 / piece
Quantities of 25 - 99: $38.50 / piece
Quantities of 100+: $38 / piece

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