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Visit The Currency Exchange in Mississauga: USD, CAD, Euros and More

Thinking of taking a trip? Whether you are travelling by plane, train, boat or car, it is important to make sure you have enough cash on hand for the duration of your holiday for transportation, accommodation, food and potential emergencies. ATMs and banks are not always within reach, especially in remote areas or developing countries, and you cannot always count on using your credit cards, especially overseas. 

Come to The Currency Exchange today to get your money converted. Located in Mississauga, we have over 100 different currencies in stock at any given time, so you can be sure that you will walk away with the perfect amount for the perfect trip. In addition, if you are visiting Canada, we can convert any currency into CAD.

For travel to Europe, Japan and most of Africa, our selling rates for Euros, Yen, and Rand are better than the potential rates you could get overseas. Your vacation time is too valuable to spend shopping around for local currency exchanges and queuing in line. When you exchange your money before hand, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing the exact exchange rate so you don’t risk losing cash if the Canadian dollar suddenly drops in value.



14-1100 Burnhamthorpe Rd W

Mississauga, ON L5C 4G4




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We are conveniently located at the corner of Burnhamthorpe Rd W and Erindale Station Rd. Click here for directions.

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